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August 11 2010

Kathryn Schulz: On Air and On Error - This American Life's Ira Glass on Being Wrong

I wasn't making any money, and I was so bad at it. I was 19 when I started at NPR and I was 27 or 28 before I could competently put together a story that I had written.

June 23 2010

John Lahr: Master of Revels

Neil Simon’s comic empire.

June 22 2010

Malcolm Gladwell: The Pitchman

Ron Popeil and the conquest of the American kitchen.

June 21 2010

Peter Serafinowicz: Why I Steal Movies… Even Ones I'm In

In the meantime, I'll be suing myself for pirating my own show. And I'm pretty scared, because I have an amazing lawyer.

June 15 2010

Prevelakis-Spinellis: The Athens Affair

How some extremely smart hackers pulled off the most audacious cell-network break-in ever.

May 12 2010

Malcolm Gladwell: Pandora’s Briefcase

Operation Mincemeat was a dazzling feat of wartime espionage. But does it argue for or against spying?

May 06 2010

Joel Johnson: Why I’m Funny

The first time I ever came in anyone’s mouth, it was into the mouth of my stepfather.

April 13 2010

Joshuah Bearman: Art of the Steal - On the Trail of World’s Most Ingenious Thief

Blanchard’s own surveillance equipment was still transmitting from inside the ATM room, so before he skipped town, he could listen in on investigators. He knew their names; he knew their leads.

John Jurgensen: Hollywood's Favorite Cowboy

Author Cormac McCarthy, 76, talked about love, religion, his 11-year-old son, the end of the world and the movie based on his novel 'The Road.' He was just getting going.

February 01 2010

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