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July 06 2010

July 02 2010

Joshua Davis: Pissing Match - Is the World Ready for the Waterless Urinal?

Krug’s business model took a page out of the Gillette playbook: Keep the urinal cost low and lock customers in to buying the cartridges.

June 29 2010

Mitch Moxley: Rent a White Guy

Confessions of a fake businessman from Beijing.

June 28 2010

Joe Weinman: Lazy, Hazy, Crazy - The 10 Laws of Behavioral Cloudonomics

Lazy, as in minimizing physical, cognitive, emotional and real dollar costs; hazy, as in using heuristics or rules of thumb rather than precise calculations; and crazy, or, as MIT’s Dan Ariely says in his book of the same name, “Predictably Irrational

June 24 2010

Brian Raftery: King of Cheez - The Internet’s Meme Maestro Turns Junk Into Gold

Huh has about 150 other ideas in development and about 1,000 registered domain names.

Justin Lahart: Tinkering Makes Comeback Amid Crisis

Maybe it's time to bring my old white board out of retirement, and rethink some of those old projects.

June 21 2010

Peter Serafinowicz: Why I Steal Movies… Even Ones I'm In

In the meantime, I'll be suing myself for pirating my own show. And I'm pretty scared, because I have an amazing lawyer.

May 12 2010

Daniel Roth: The Future of Money - It’s Flexible, Frictionless and (Almost) Free

As money becomes completely digitized, infinitely transferable, and friction-free, it will again revolutionize how we think about our economy.

Clay Shirky: The Collapse of Complex Business Models

Expensive bits of video made in complex ways now compete with cheap bits made in simple ways.

May 06 2010

Jill Lepore: Fixed

The rise of marriage therapy, and other dreams of human betterment.

May 05 2010

Ken Auletta: Publish or Perish

Can the iPad topple the Kindle, and save the book business?

May 03 2010

Sam Quinones: A lethal business model targets Middle America

Sugar cane farmers from a tiny Mexican county use savvy marketing and low prices to push black-tar heroin in the United States.

January 25 2010

Richard Martin: Uranium Is So Last Century — Enter Thorium, the New Green Nuke

If the US reactor fleet could be converted to LFTRs overnight, existing thorium reserves would power the US for a thousand years.

Nick Paumgarten: Food Fighter

Does Whole Foods’ C.E.O. know what’s best for you?

January 18 2010

John Colapinto: Lunch with M.

Undercover with a Michelin inspector.

Mark Ames: Cerberus Capital - Literally Blood-Sucking the Poor to Make Their Billions

Mark Ames was founder and editor of The eXile, the notorious Moscow-based, English-language newspaper shuttered last year after a raid by Russian authorities.

The unrepentant chocolatier

The world’s biggest food company is betting on an emerging class of health and nutrition products to spur its growth. But risks abound.

January 03 2010

Doctorow's Project: With a Little Help

Cory Doctorow kicks off a unique publishing experiment.

Sally Singer: Machine Dreams

At 34, Marissa Mayer is possibly the world's most poised and powerful information guru. What makes this woman click?

November 18 2009

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