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June 29 2010

Mitch Moxley: Rent a White Guy

Confessions of a fake businessman from Beijing.

June 28 2010

Chadrick Lane: The Chemistry of Information Addiction

It’s often remarked that “ignorance is bliss.” However, not knowing is stressful, which is why we strive to decrease that uncertainty whenever possible.

Julia Ioffe: Roulette Russian

The teen-ager behind Chatroulette.

Joe Weinman: Lazy, Hazy, Crazy - The 10 Laws of Behavioral Cloudonomics

Lazy, as in minimizing physical, cognitive, emotional and real dollar costs; hazy, as in using heuristics or rules of thumb rather than precise calculations; and crazy, or, as MIT’s Dan Ariely says in his book of the same name, “Predictably Irrational

June 24 2010

Brian Raftery: King of Cheez - The Internet’s Meme Maestro Turns Junk Into Gold

Huh has about 150 other ideas in development and about 1,000 registered domain names.

Justin Lahart: Tinkering Makes Comeback Amid Crisis

Maybe it's time to bring my old white board out of retirement, and rethink some of those old projects.

June 23 2010

John Lahr: Master of Revels

Neil Simon’s comic empire.

danah boyd: I want my cyborg life

I’m 31 years old. I’ve been online since I was a teen. I’ve grown up with this medium and I embrace each new device that brings me closer to being a cyborg.

Aaron Swartz: My Life Offline

But I never knew what life was like when things weren’t constantly being thrown at you. Until it stopped, I never knew how awful it really was.

June 22 2010

Malcolm Gladwell: The Pitchman

Ron Popeil and the conquest of the American kitchen.

David Carr: Inviting In a Brash Outsider

It was the creation of an online network called VBS.tv in 2007 that now threatens to bring the nifty and naughty Vice aesthetic to the world at large.

Angwin-Fowler: Volunteers Log Off as Wikipedia Ages

As it matures, Wikipedia, one of the world's largest crowdsourcing initiatives, is becoming less freewheeling and more like the organizations it set out to replace.

June 21 2010

Peter Serafinowicz: Why I Steal Movies… Even Ones I'm In

In the meantime, I'll be suing myself for pirating my own show. And I'm pretty scared, because I have an amazing lawyer.

Bill Bryson: The secret life of your home

Ever wondered why forks have four prongs? Or why we choose salt and pepper over other spices?

Adam Gopnik: What did Jesus do?

Reading and unreading the Gospels.

June 16 2010

David Brooks: Drilling for Certainty

There must be ways to improve the choice architecture — to help people guard against risk creep, false security, groupthink, the good-news bias and all the rest.

Alex Pappademas: All The Dirt That's Fit To Print

We're used to National Enquirer stories on "shocking" plastic surgery, but in 2010 the rag almost won a Pulitzer.

Adam Gopnik: What's the recipe?

Every recipe, every cookbook, is an attempt to get you to attain this ideal sugar-salt-saturated-fat state without having to see it head on, just as every love poem is an attempt to maneuver a girl or a boy into bed by talking as fast, and as eloquently,

June 15 2010

Prevelakis-Spinellis: The Athens Affair

How some extremely smart hackers pulled off the most audacious cell-network break-in ever.
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